Frequently Asked Questions

Endoscopy Procedure

Yes. Please have a responsible adult drive you to our Center, plan on having them stay at the Center during your procedure and be able to drive you home when you are ready to be discharged. A comfortable waiting area is provided for the person who accompanies you. We request that you leave children at home.

Please call your G.I. physician's office to answer any questions regarding your bowel prep.

Your G.I. physician's office will notify you of your procedure time. If you have questions about the time, please call your G.I. physician's office.

If you are ill on the day before or the day of your surgery, please call your doctor. If you are unable to reach your doctor, please call Westfall Surgery Center at (585) 256-1521.

Wear comfortable clothing that is loose fitting and easy to get on and off. You will be required to change into a patient gown. Leave valuables at home. You will need to leave your cell phone with your driver. The Center is not responsible for lost valuables.

Please bring a photo ID and your insurance cards. You also need to bring your completed G.I. health assessment and pre-registration form that you were given in the G.I. physician's office. If you did not receive these forms from your G.I. physician's office, you can print them out here: Individuals Having a Procedure in the Endoscopy Unit and Patient Pre-Registration Form for Endoscopy or Laser.

After entering the front doors of the Center, the elevator is located on the right-hand side. Take the elevator to the ground floor. The G.I. check in/waiting area will be to your right. Once the secretary checks you in, the nurse from the unit will be out to get you.

An upper endoscopy usually takes between 15 and 20 minutes and a colonoscopy usually takes between 30 and 45 minutes. You will be asked to arrive at the endoscopy unit half an hour to 45 minutes prior to your exam time. A nurse will go over your medical history and place a small intravenous catheter in your vein in order for the physician to administer medication that will make you sleepy during the procedure. You will be monitored in the recovery area for at least 30 minutes after the procedure. The total time in the unit for an endoscopy exam is expected to be 1½ - 2 hours. Patients who are not sedated may be discharged after 15 minutes in the recovery room.

Your physician will talk to you prior to your leaving the unit. If any biopsy or pathology was done, the results will be communicated to you from your physician's office.